EXHIBITION The Confluence – Crossings and Guiding Lights by Tracey Holland

The Confluence - artist image
Exhibition: Saturday 2 July to Friday 5 August 2022

Tuesday to Saturday 9.30am to 3pm

Preview event and meet the artist - Tuesday 5th July
6pm to 8pm - All welcome


A new series of film and photographic work by the artist Tracey Holland will be on show at both Grimsby and Hull Minster this summer. Focusing on the ever-changing borderlines, the transience and continual ebb and flow of the estuarine environment, a terrain of intervention, long rivers, histories and memories. The work aims to enhance a sense of place for people on either side of the Humber, united rather than divided by the estuary, highlighting its defining characteristics, and identifying how closely rooted and formed by place we are, and how place and identity aids our sense of belonging. Histories and memories are rooted within a particular place, and Holland’s new series of works is a contemplation and visualisation of this psycho-geographic sense of place. These areas reflect transience, liminality, migration, places and lives lived here, defined by, or lost to the water. Place enables a deep and dynamic rooting of our own histories and memories within it, if you live for long in an area, then the area inevitably begins to live within you.

Exhibition @ Hull Minster, August 11th 2022