We passionately believe that everyone has the right to art in their lives, and that heritage is something for all people in our communities to get involved in.

This belief is the driver of our projects. Click for more detail.

Projects - Our Haven

Our Haven

A community arts and heritage project for everyone in Grimsby.

Projects - Art in the Market

Art in the Market

Bringing art to a very public space – Grimsby Top Town Market. With exhibitions and installations, workshops and drop-ins, music, and makers markets you can get involved in.

Art in the Minster

Bringing art to Grimsby’s Minster – a religious and historical setting and open community and cultural venue. With exhibitions and installations and a workshops and events programme.

Projects - Freddie Frinton

Freddie Frinton

A project to celebrate the life of internationally famed comedy star from Grimsby, Freddie Frinton.

Projects - Heritage Open Days

Heritage Open Days

A day of celebrating the heritage of the area, with events and activities to learn about our history.

Projects - Mayflower400 Illuminate NE Links

Mayflower400 Illuminate NE Lincs

Beautiful lantern parades to celebrate our historical association with the Pilgrims, with lanterns made by local young people and supported by artists.

Be part of Our Big Picture and part of Grimsby’s future.