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A Heritage of Creativity: Our Big Picture is located in a historic Grade 2 listed building on Grimsby High Street in North East Lincolnshire. This early Georgian building has its roots in the early 1700s, with evidence of a live/workspace dating back to the 14th century, as part of the old marketplace.

Our Unique Mix:

We offer a unique blend of arts, heritage, and community activities and programming that sets us apart in our sector. This unique mix is rooted in our deep engagement with both visual art in its widest context and historical exploration and preservation.

As a community-centric organisation, we provide a creative, safe, supportive, and social space. Our mission revolves around active engagement with children, young people, and their families and communities, emerging artists, minority groups, and underserved communities. In an area historically marked by isolation and limited cultural resources, we are committed to breaking down these barriers and enhancing the lives of our community. 

 Our experience

We have a proven track record in arts and heritage Engagement and Participation. Through artists we work inclusively with communities to enable everyone to take part in, experience, and enjoy art at its best, resulting in collective exploration, learning, and sharing

Our Big Picture Values


We believe that art and heritage should be accessible to all, and we actively work to ensure that nobody is excluded from our programs and initiatives.


We embrace the power of collaboration, bringing together local, national, and international partners to enrich North East Lincolnshire's cultural landscape.


We empower individuals to nurture their creativity, develop new skills, and embark on lifelong journeys of self-expression.


We are driven by a profound love for our community and a commitment to its culture, identity, and participation.


We uphold high standards in all our endeavours, striving to provide the best possible arts and heritage experiences.


We believe in innovative approaches that make art and heritage an integral part of daily life.


We are committed to long-term sustainability, ensuring that our programs and spaces continue to thrive over the years without negatively affecting the planet.


We are committed to the regeneration of North East Lincolnshire through arts and heritage initiatives, contributing to the community's growth and prosperity.

Looking for a supportive creative or meeting space?  

Our space is a brilliant place for vibrant conversations and collaboration, from one-off brainstorming sessions in our Project Lab space, networking meetings, short- or long-term studio space, exhibition or participation space just contact our team for rates.

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