PROJECT: Hilda and the Northern Powerhouse

Hilda project - participants and work created

This ongoing project is a theatrical exploration of modern questions about power and influence in modern Britain, told through the story of Hilda of Whitby – a 7th Century Saxon Abbess, and a woman of great strength and influence, especially in North and East England.

Hilda, the founder of a monastery for both monks and nuns, presided over the first ‘referendum’ on connection with Europe when the church voted to join Europe in 664AD. In the era of Brexit, this project seeks to explore what light Hilda’s story can shine on our own times.

This Our Big Picture collaboration supported by the Arts Council England, is a brilliant collection of ideas conceived by the Hilda & The Northern Powerhouse creative team, stringing together scripts, community inputs, historical connections, and expert advice.

Please feel free to join our process – and get in touch below: