Our Community - OBP Collaborate

We are building a community.

Our community page is an online haven – away from the noise and distraction of the big social media sites. It is somewhere along the line between a blog and a forum, where you can get involved and shape our community.

Right now, we cannot gather in groups. It is human nature to gather, but we must stay physically distant. Our community page is a safe place where you can connect online with others, and safely get involved in your town.

In the OBP collaborate network, there are specific communities that you can join, for example, our Creative Writing community, and communities where you can share your artwork. We also have communities where we talk about heritage, and communities for the projects that are taking place currently. You can input into these projects, share your ideas, and connect with others.

These separate communities mean you don’t have to wade through things you aren’t interested in, like you would in a Facebook group.

You need to sign up, but it’s free to join.

Get involved and join our community.