School KS2 Art & Science Workshop

OBP Delivery :September 2018

Unweaving the Rainbow : The Art & Science of Colour

What is colour?
How many colours are there?
Why are butterflies so colourful?
Do animals see the same colours as us?
What is your favourite colour – and how does it make you feel?

Devised specifically for years 5 and 6 students, Unweaving the Rainbow is an exciting classroom based introduction to the art and science of colour. The young people will also receive a unique opportunity to meet with leading physicists from the University of Sheffield and the award-winning
Paul Evans.

Structured around a series of tried and tested questions that are proven to engage young minds, this two hour session not only offers a fast-paced journey of enquiry into the physics, biology and chemistry of colour – it also encourages participants to express their individual thoughts and feelings about this fascinating topic creatively.

ur Big Picture has been asked to assist in bringing this pilot workshop to
NE Lincolnshire and initially three schools. 

The artist Paul Evans is working with researchers from the University of Sheffield Department of Physics to help engage people of all ages with colour and cutting edge science; specifically through an exploration of the origins and nature of structural colour (or structural coloration) in biological structures such as bird feathers and butterfly wings.

Unweaving the Rainbow is funded by the STFC and follows on from Evans’ artist’s residency within the department. Further information