Renovating No. 19 

Restoring No.19, a 1st floor flat within our grade 2 listed building, has been a journey of passion, dedication, and reverence for history. This project, part of our broader heritage restoration efforts, has culminated in a space that beautifully blends the old with the new, offering a unique and inviting retreat for our guests.

Embracing History and Craftsmanship

The restoration of No.19 began with a deep appreciation for the building’s historical significance. Each element, from the facade to the intricate interior details, told a story of a bygone era. Our mission was clear: to preserve the character and charm of this heritage gem while introducing modern comforts that meet contemporary standards.

Restoring a grade 2 listed building comes with its own set of challenges. Respecting the original architecture meant sourcing period-appropriate materials and employing traditional craftsmanship techniques. We worked closely with our team who brought this project to life, ensuring that every decision honored the building’s legacy.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this journey was uncovering hidden architectural treasures. Beneath layers of time-worn plaster, we discovered original features that had been lost to history. These discoveries fueled our passion and commitment to restoring No.19 to its former glory, and inspired us to create a space that both reflects its past and embraces the future.

The refurbishment of No.19 was not just a project; it was a labor of love. Each team member brought their expertise, dedication, and creativity to the table. From restoring original features to integrating modern amenities seamlessly, every detail was meticulously planned and executed. The result is a flat that feels both timeless and contemporary, offering guests a unique experience that bridges history and modernity.

A Space to Call Home

Now that the restoration is complete, No.19 stands as a testament to our commitment to heritage and quality. The flat exudes a warm, welcoming atmosphere, inviting guests to relax and enjoy their stay. The living spaces are thoughtfully designed, blending cozy furnishings with modern conveniences. It’s a place where guests can feel at home, whether they are here for business or leisure.

No.19 is more than just a place to stay; it’s a piece of Grimsby’s history brought to life. We invite you to experience the charm and comfort of our lovingly restored flat. Located in the heart of Grimsby Town Centre, No.19 offers easy access to local attractions, dining, and business hubs, making it the ideal choice for your next visit.

Book Your Stay Today

Come and be part of our story. Experience the blend of historical elegance and modern comfort at No.19. Whether you’re visiting for a short getaway or an extended stay, we promise a memorable experience in a space that feels like home. Book your stay today and discover the unique charm of No.19 in Grimsby Town Centre.

Join us at No.19, where history and modernity meet, and let us make your stay unforgettable. We look forward to welcoming you!

Renovating No.19 : A Heritage Gem in Grimsby

No. 19 Flat

Following on from the exploration of an urban myth of a well-known butches shop on the high street.

Ann Bean aka Bluebeany was commissioned to revisit the tails of the Monkey, Pig & Pie. Through a range of high street art interventions and window installation.

Now, Join us for an afternoon of art at our fantastical Magic Pie art workshop with the wonderful Anna Bean!
What will your pie look like, what are the ingredients and most importantly, where do you want it to take you? 

 FREE drop in workshop, join us for summer holiday fun!
 Thursday 25th July
 Freshney Place