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We aim to deliver excellent authentic arts experiences for everyone. Working in partnerships with a range of diverse artists, venues and arts organisations we strive to be ambitious and inspiring with the projects we undertake.

We actively focus on engaging with families, children and young people, working closely with schools and community groups. We are working within the fields of art & science, health & wellbeing and equality & diversity through positive creative experiences.

View some of our projects below

Jimmy Slaters Follies 1935

Freddie Frinton Project

Freddie Frinton Project #FreddieFrintonPoject NE Lincolnshire arts organisation Our big picture has secured National Lottery heritage funding for the Freddie Frinton Project. The project will recognise the life and work…

Art in the Market

This project runs from August 2018 to September 2020 Our Big Pictures Ltd in partnership with NE Lincolshire Council and supported by Arts Council England has brought a two year…

Art in the Minster – Grimsby Minster 2018

Our big picture Ltd working in partnership with Grimsby Minster with support from Arts Council England and 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe, is presenting the first exhibition in the new…