student VR
  • EXHIBITION: St James in VR
  • WHERE: 17-21 Bethlehem Street, Grimsby
  • DATE AND TIME: Friday 12th August, between 11 am and 2 pm

As part of the Digital Democracies Talent Development programme, students from Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education worked with Our Big Picture and Inkibit Immersive on a Virtual Reality co-commission.

Our Big Picture developed a series of heritage themes derived from the path located at St James Square to inspire the student’s creative idea development. Following the exploration of the themes, the students used VR technology to bring their ideas to life. Through the exploration of heritage, the works produced by the students shine a spotlight on Grimsby’s past and reflect the value and ideas of the young people within the community.

The collaborative co-commission, St James in VR, was inspired by the fixed public artworks, Come Follow Me by Adrian Riley and Murmuration by Annabel McCourt, in St James’ Square, Grimsby, combining oral history, living archive, people, and words.