WORKSHOP: Fabric Tattoo Embroidery

fabric tattoo workshop

Verena (@fabrictattoosembroidery) joined us and the Imaginarium for two embroidery workshops filled with the chance to learn exciting new skills. These workshops occurred as a fun and edgier addition to our ongoing cosplay project, working with creative young people ranging from ages 11-25. In addition to learning how to embroider and learning how to do different types of stitches, most of the group for the first time, they also had the opportunity to design their own embroidered patch either as another element of their cosplay costume or just as a new design they wanted to try. Verena’s practice approaches embroidery inspired by traditional tattoo styles and designs, inspiring the young people to try something and also drawing inspiration from other visual art styles in their own designs across these workshops. We were especially excited to bring Verena in for these workshops after receiving requests from some of the young people in our Imaginarium group for textile-themed skills workshops, so we were pleased to be able to provide an opportunity for them to learn a new skill in a creative field that they’ve expressed an interest in. We would love to have Verena back in the future to work with the young people again!


About Fabric Tattoos Embroidery 

Fabric Tattoos Embroidery is inspired by vintage tattoo design and culture, tattooing textiles with hand embroidery rather than skin with ink.

With sustainability at our core, we create unique, wearable, collectible, and displayable art through reclaimed materials. We’re passionate about helping people express their individuality by upcycling their clothes to last longer in the wardrobe and help them stand out from High Street clones.

Teaching allows us to pass on the mental health benefits of the craft and keep the traditional practice alive with a modern style. Our materials are sourced from vintage fairs, charity shops, pre-loved sites, and even other companies’ and crafters’ off-cuts to promote reusability and fight against fast fashion.

Introducing Verena

“Hi, I’m Verena and I consider myself a textile tattooist. What does that mean? Well, I’m a tattoo artist, but for clothing and fabrics using needle and thread instead of for skin with needle and ink. I use embroidery in a non-conventional tattoo style to create limited and unique streetwear, accessories, framed art, and prints. I also teach and have developed many kits and PDF embroidery patterns for those that want to learn and experience the wellness properties of the craft”.

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