Art in the Market Artist/Artists Commission

Call out for artist/artists to be part of the Our Big Picture ‘Art in the Market’ project.

Over the past 10 months Our Big Picture has presented a series of pop-up exhibitions, residencies and workshops at Grimsby Top Town Market as part of our ‘Art in the Market’ programme. 2019/2020 we would like to commission an artist/s to create a new experience/exhibition/activity that will engage our existing audience and invite new engagement with the project.

Fees There are two separate commissions on offer with each commission with a budget of £2716. Depending on the artist and activity the two budgets can be rolled into one with two outcomes.

Fee breakdown: –

  • £1800 artists fee – the fee includes expenses
  • £250 artists workshop fee – to deliver Children and young People workshop session over two sessions
  • Materials £666

Total budget £5432.

Additional paid work may be available to artists delivering schools/home ed/ adult workshops if there is a demand for this. We are especially interested in working with artists that could expand, develop and shape Our Big Picture’s current offer of workshops, talks and activities.

Artists are given a free stall/working space at the Top Town Market (open to the public Tue, Thur, Fri and Sat – access also available on days the market is closed to the public).

After the success of previous resident artist, printmaker Graham Firth, we are keen that there is a public facing element to the commissions, and that at least a week of the production process should be carried out on site during public opening hours of the market.

We would like to commission a project that may have a life after the event/exhibition. For example it might lead to further work with that artists, or shape future commissions or activity at the market.

  • Apply to Paula Denton
    • CV
    • A brief proposal: – including a short piece about your work, images, and how you would approach being commissioned to create work at the market (ie what you would anticipate doing) Max 4 side A4
    • Deadline for proposal:- 5pm, 16th August 2019
    • Project start September 2019 – May 2020 (This will depend on one or two commissions) – Art in the Market finishes July 2020

Our Big Picture, Art in the Market: Is supported by the Arts Council England in partnerships with NE Lincs council delivering a two-year contemporary arts programme on ‘Market Central’, a newly created, large centrally located indoor market stall space, on Grimsby’s Top Town Market. This unique space has become a focal point to an original high-quality arts programme that includes emerging and experienced artists. Focusing on Visual Arts and Making through commissioned exhibitions and artwork, resident artist, adult workshops & talks and makers fairs. We also offer music performance space and have employed an artist co-ordinator specialising on Children and Young People workshops and a project manager.

We have achieved a lot in a short time bringing a range of activities and experiences to the market. Now we know our audiences better and how to work within the daily life of the market. We want to build on our success and aim to :-

  • Encourage recycling and reusing across all activites and work with stall holders to do this
  • Strengthen a new ‘Top Town’ branding in all we do.
  • Explore how we all use markets – sense of nostalgia, routine, a unique place & space and experience
  • To contribute and promote the market as being a vital and vibrant community asset.
  • To bring new visitors and customers to the market.
  • Connect better and celebrate the stall holders – food, textiles, gifts, books, make & mend – colour and sounds
  • Expand on our CYP participation including Arts Award
  • Celebrated or communicate the markets USP’s
  • Think of unique ways to use the market space
  • Positively contribute to ‘Anti to the demise of the town centre’ initiatives

Makers Cabinets Call Out!

– Art in the Market @Grimsby Top Town Market

As part of Our big Pictures ‘Art in the Market’ project we are launching ‘Makers Cabinets’ in the walkways of the Grimsby Top Town Market.

The market sees a Saturday footfall of nearly 5000 visitors, there are three entrances to the market, two of them have display cabinets and there are 9 in total.

The market is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9am to 5pm.

We want to offer these cabinets to regional ‘Makers and Crafters’ to display their products.

As this a new venture we have a very special introductory offer for 2018-2019 Take one shelf and the space above the shelf for three months. £5 per month.

How it works!

  • The Makers Cabinets are promotional places for you – with an artist bio and contact information on an A6 panel within each cabinet.
  • You pay up front for three months at a time – Nov to Jan 2018, Feb to April 2019 etc
  • You can pay and have access to the cabinets anytime that the market office is open – Tuesday 8:30am to 1pm, 2pm – 4pm, Thursday 8:30am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm and Friday 8:30am to 1pm.
    Closed Saturday (access to cabinets through prior arrangement with OBP)
  • Be aware you will be sharing a cabinet with two other artists/makers
  • We cannot sell for your product only promote it
  • We will be promoting the spaces around the market and as you enter the walkways – we will also have active social media pages.

See Links above for terms and conditions on Artists information and application form or email

Artists information for cabinets 15-01-2019Download